Smash or Pass: Biomechanics Class

Smash or Pass: Biomechanics Class

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LBG Warsaw (Poland)


15 August 2023 – 24 August 2023


50 euro

Biomechanics… But what it really is?

The term “Biomechanics” covers many different topics. Mechanics of human movement, implants, traffic accidents but also overloads during your rollercoaster ride! If you would like to know:

-Why is it better to wear a seat belt in the car?

-Why figure skaters spread their arms during rotation?

-How implants work and why is a piece of metal in your body safe?

-How many boxing strokes can the skull withstand?

Then this Course is made for you! During this Course you will discover the secrets behind the mechanics of human movement, the loads accompanying the work of the human body, how much your body can withstand and also you will learn about safety during driving a car and the analysis of road accidents!


After exhausting but very interesting classes, we will party together until the morning. We have planned loads of activities for you to make the evenings and nights unforgettable. We will go on a weekend trip where we will get to know each other and our cultures. We can’t wait to show you beautiful Warsaw, and our favorite places. You will visit great venues – both the historic part of the city with breathtaking architecture and the vibrant party districts full of students from all over Europe.

Selection criteria for participants: Participants will be chosen by Motivational Letter and by answering questions.


After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator, Dinu Lazar (, in order to check if the application was properly sent.

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