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U’ R’ Banned! Please, learn urban design to continue


Location:   Kyiv, Ukraine
Dates: 03 May 2020 – 12 May 2020
Fee:  20.0€

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly city.

In the city where:

– it’s not scary to walk alone at night

– you can quickly get anywhere in the city

– you are satisfied with the environment

And everyone wants to get esthetic pleasure just walking around the city, right?

Did you recognize yourself? Do you want to know how to design such a city?

During our course, you will have the opportunity to learn about urban studies, discover the features of the “smart city” and create your own project!

You will receive relevant information from the professionals in architecture, sociology, data analysis, transport, and behavioural forecasting, etc., analyze the real urban problems and try to find a solution for this.

But our course is so much more than just academic activities!

You will spend 10 days in Kyiv in May – the time when our city is the most beautiful (Have you ever seen how chestnut trees bloom all around the streets?). You will feel Ukrainian spirit, culture and, of course, you will find out how to party like a true slav!

Prepare yourself for an amazing week full of fun, new interesting people, social activities and emotions. We promise – you will never forget it!

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