Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

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LBG ENSTA Bretagne


22 Oct – 29 Oct 2022


16 eur

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the mysterious darkness of the abyss? If your mind drifts to the slow contemplation of strange jellyfish and deformed sharks: this course is for you! But it is also for all those whose curiosity leads them to the sea, this space threatened by multiple dangers with unknown consequences. In this course, you will first situate the stakes that the oceans and their resources represent. You will find the technological means to quantify them thanks to the acoustic waves and their treatment. We will also contemplate the life of the oceans and their functioning.

The ocean is a universe that still holds many secrets. In these times of questioning about issues such as climate or energy, more and more people are looking at the blue horizons beyond our coasts. So, if you love sea and if you want to observe, listen, study and discover all hidden secrets of oceans, come to Brest!

The program is as vast as the setting is beautiful. La Bretagne, a nation of intrepid explorers and more modest navigators will reveal its most beautiful lights, its most mysterious mists, and sometimes, unfortunately, the thunder of Brest!

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