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Tips & Tricks

Travelling Tips&Tricks (TTT)

Now that you’ve learned how to apply for a seasonal course and know how to write a motivational letter it’s time to think about what happens if you are accepted. For starters, you have to think about with what you’re going to travel with. To make the right decision, we’ll help you with some tips & tricks.




By plane

Flying is recommended when traveling long distances. The first thing you have to do if you decide to travel by plane is to look closely at the destination and how far the airport is from the city you need to reach. Most low-cost flights have airports at 30-40 km from the city, and the bus ticket from the airport to the city is quite expensive. Sometimes you might have to pay around 20 euros for such a ticket.


By bus

A bus trip is advisable only on short or medium distances (from one country to a neighbor one). If you reserve your bus ticket in advance, you could come out at a pretty good price.


By train

The last but not least is the train. Just like the bus, train is recommended when it comes to short trips. If you are thinking of traveling by train in Western Europe, you have to know that they are very expensive. It is recommended to travel by train to the countries of Eastern Europe. Booking tickets in advance can also bring you a discount.




As far as luggage is concerned, try to take just the essential things. Think twice before putting your clothes in the suitcase! When you’re 100% convinced you’re going to wear that garment, think about it once more and only after that put it in your luggage. Do not forget to consider you are going to be taking part in a lot of thematic parties so you’ll need costume items. On the list of parties each season is also the International Evening where you have to bring traditional products from your country which will occupy space in your luggage.













Required Documents


The most important things you have to take with you are your documents. A list of the necessary ones can be found below:

  • Passport – if you are traveling to a non-EU country
  • ID card
  • Visa – for countries that ask for it
  • Health Insurance (European Health or Insurance Card from BT with Omnipass)
  • ISIC card (for discounts, you can get from BRD or their website)