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The End Of The Factory World


Location: Lodz – Poland
Dates: 04 July 2020 – 12 July 2020
Fee:  18.0€

On this episode brave participants come to Lodz – city in the middle of Poland. They realize Lodz is a queen of old brick factories. Unwittingly they fall in loft with this place. To get out they have to find how it is possible that people live in old factories. They have to get to know how architects designed the buildings to be able to find the way outside.

Can they do this or is it really the end?

During the course, you will discover how factories were built and how the perception about them changed through the centuries. You will learn how architects and urbanists design city spaces and see their work tools. What’s more, you will see real life examples and you’ll be able to create your own idea of city space.

Come to Lodz and experience magic of polish food, drinks and our hospitality. Sing on polish karaoke. Get a ride on polish tram. Go shopping on the longest european high street. Take a photo in an unicorn stable with our R E A L unicorn.

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