Location: Trondheim, Norway

”In the first two weeks of the 1st semester I skipped University because I wanted to go to a BEST course in Trondheim, Norway. From the understanding of northern culture, to wonderful landscapes and epic parties with students from all over Europe, it was an unique experience and I can’t wait for the next courses!

The only thing that I regret is that it took me 2 years of University to find out about this opportunity which involves travelling to the edge of the continent, almost for free.’’

Matei Manolescu

Location: Valladolid, Spain

“I was in the best trip of my whole life in Valladolid, Spania. How much did I spent ? Not more than 30 euros in 2 weeks of stay (except for the plane ticket). The money I spent were mostly on souvenirs and a train ticket from Valencia in Cullera. Also a bus ticket from Valladolid to Madrid which was extremely cheap.                                        

 The course was for free. ‘’Wine me up when September starts’’ sounds nice, doesn’t it? The theme was wine and handcraft beer.

I learnt a lot of cool things like how to make beer with honey and I tasted wine from some barrels from which only the presidents had the opportunity to taste before.

I had spent 2 weeks in a dream hotel with a swimming pool, along with 20 other students from Europe. Pool party full and 2 hours of sleep per night. The fun started from 10 in the morning.                                                                             

The best drink was the cider, and I had the opportunity to also buy from that pub. The best food was Paella(rice with chicken and so on), but also Gaspacio, a kind of tomato juice with spices.                                                                         

The people were very nice, welcoming and very crazy, because they are also named Pervert Valladolid. The area was very green to my surprise and the weather was chilly in some days.’’

Cristina Peslari

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

“I went to Istanbul afraid of what will happen, so far away from home. Returned with amazing memories, fun moments and awesome friends that I can’t wait to meet again. Unique experience like getting to taste the life of other countries (literally at International Evening) and also learning things in a fun way (How green can we make technology? The answer is 50 shades).”

Cora Săsăran

Location: Patras, Greece

‘’Summer Course? A to Z organization achieved with hard work and dedication, just to make our stay comfy for us, the 22 participants. Open-minded people, which made sure that they responded to every question we had (course related), which didn’t care about being tired, just to spend time with us after a long day of interactive courses and extra activities. When I applied for the course I had never thought that I was going to keep in touch with so many nice people from everywhere in the world. Now we are meeting everywhere in Europe, after just 10 days of staying together during a summer vacation, but in the end the decision to go was one of the most inspiring ones I have ever made. Memories to keep for life, learning new things and travelling, all together in a Summer Course.’’ 

Adina Rus

Location: Nis, Serbia

‘’If I were to name this testimonial I would name it ‘’How to change your life in 4 days’’. The first day is the one in which you make the most thinking and you write your application. The second day is the one in which you are happy that you’ve been accepted. The third day is the one in which you leave and you don’t understand what’s happening.  And the 4th day is the day you arrive and you realise that your personal reality is changing.                                       

After the 4th day you realise that this course is a honest change of ideas and experiences between you and people from all over Europe. After that, a week and a half in which you are happy for this change of realities.                       

After that, you arrive home and you realise that you have no idea what happened to you there and you can just go back from time to time and send a message to a friend in Portugal or the one from France and relive those moments.’’ 

Radu Lambrino