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Sustainabuildity: A Concrete Course


Location: Ghent – Belgium
Dates: 01 July 2020 – 10 July 2020
Fee:  20.0€

Nowadays sustainability is a hot topic! But how can we, the engineers of tomorrow, contribute to the fight against global warming? Let’s make the world a greener place with 20 other great minds who think alike!

Say ‘YES’ to new adventures, surprising insights, infinitely fun and laughter and even more knowledge. We have a very motivated team of teachers that cannot wait to give you fascinating classes and labs about building in a more sustainable way. There will be a focus on both mechanical and civil solutions and improvements. In between these lecture, we will explore the medieval city of Ghent and experience the Belgian culture and traditions. Beside these highlights, get overwhelmed by tasty food and beers! Our energetic BEST group is all hyped up to receive you and other open minded students from all over Europe. Let these 10 days be miraculous, crazy and dreamily, but most of all sustainable!

Furthermore, you will have some soft skill training in this course! Those trainings will help you improve critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and so much more.

Put your (ecological) footprint in this memorable adventure!

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After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator,, in order to check if the application was properly sent.