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Sustainable Buildings – It’s the Circle of Life


Location: Aachen- Germany
Dates: 12-20 Jun 2020
Fee:  18.0€

In Germany we recycle everything, even our buildings, can you imagine that?

Are you obsessed with making the buildings around you friendlier to the environment, reusing old buildings rather than seeing them rot away in the distance? Wouldn’t it be amazing to say that our buildings, just like our shopping bags and our plastic bottles, were made from recycled parts of some long-forgotten Egyptian pyramids? If we could give those stones the ability to see another generation grow up in them?

If you really care about the future and how we make our cities more eco-friendly, come to Aachen, we will teach you about the newest discussion topics in the academic field and not recycled topics about recycling!

You will also be able to be a part of Aachen Life Cycle – it drew over 45 000 students from all around the world to study here, in the biggest university in the whole Germany. We are going to show you the amazing capital of Emperor Charles the Great, you can drink the BEST German beer and try our Wurst while admiring our Cathedral, which saw the coronation of 43 German kings and queens. You can do all that and even more with your amazing new friends from all over Europe!


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