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outSMARTing the urban life


Location: Bucharest – Romania
Dates: 22 Jun – 2 Jul 2020
Fee:  16.0€

Cities have outlasted kingdoms, revolutions and financial crisis. How is it possible that something so enormous and fragile can survive thousands and thousands of years? What is the secret?

The city is a complex system and within its complexity lies the ability to reinvent itself. Over the years, it has adapted to the needs of its citizens. That’s how the concept of SMART CITY was born! Smart cities enable progress by incorporating technology into sustainable development, citizen well-being and economic growth.

Not only will you explore this astonishing field, but you will also get the chance to visit Transylvania, the land of vampires. Being scared of light, they organize the wildest parties where you will bond with your pals from all over the Europe.

After all, people are the basis of every city and here, in BEST Bucharest, we are a big lovely community eager to meet you this summer. We guarantee 11 days of unforgettable memories. Crazy nightlife, tasty traditional food, breathtaking sights and so many other exciting activities are waiting for you.

At the end of the day, life is all about people and experiences. By applying to this course you have the opportunity to check both of them.

What are you waiting for? Right in front of you lies the embodiment of your bucket list!

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