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Nothing else MATTERials


Location:   Grenoble, France
Dates: 18 April 2020 – 26 April 2020
Fee:  18.0€

Concerns about the environment are rising and the impact of materials should not be neglected. Do you want to learn more about it ? Do you want to become an expert on innovative materials ?

Then you must be really excited to have a chance to participate in our course! Especially since it takes place in France…

Do you want to discover the country of wine & love? Do you want to discover our amazing speciality, la Chartreuse and fall in love with? Do you want to see with your own eyes our traditional dance? Do you want to discover the beautiful Alps? Or you just genuinely want to learn more about innovative materials?

If you answer yes for at least 3 of them, Grenoble is waiting for you!

So take your good mood, your energy, and don’t be shy, just apply 😉

Apply Now

After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator,, in order to check if the application was properly sent.