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Microservices? Let’s talk about it


Location: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dates: 27 May 2020 – 05 June 2020
Fee:  20.0€

Greetings future IT Asgardians.

With the power of mighty Mjolnir we will break old school monolith architecture in the thundering Mostar!

Have you ever considered what power could you have if you manipulate with a service or even more services? Is there some kind of work with databases? I can feel it that you are curious! If my feeling is right, then I have something to tell you.

Somewhere in the golden dust, you can sense the energy coming from heart of Mostar. If you’ve heard that we are way off the right course, that’s exactly the meaning of it. With the lighting in your mind and the spark from your soul, you can be a worthy Microservice master.

Go on an adventure this spring to Herzegovina with BESTies which are from Mostar and some other cities in Bosnia Beautiful rocky landscape with the treasures of our country. We’ve heard a saying: “You’ll come back to Mostar one day for sure.” and you can assure yourself.

A new form of life based on two mixed magic spells called Database and UI can enlighten your vision of serving for this purpose. You can express the power of a mighty microservice developer, but are you willing to take a risk? So many secrets separate you now, but you’re just one application away from those secrets. Prepare for challenges that help you develop, income for the higher rank and relaxed environment are waiting.

You can bet on it that you will learn about an astonishing topic and get motivation for a bigger picture of an IT world. Meet the MostarGuardians and gather the knowledge in any way. Spend the mysterious days and warm nights in the company of BESTies under the Old Bridge with wild vision of life. Enjoy the Bosnian food and culture every day and every night.

Pulsating power is flowing through you and don’t let it be in vain, learn to use it!

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