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Let’s viRUS it!


Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Dates: 18 April 2020 – 26 April 2020
Fee:  18.0€

Are you interested in how the molecular world works?

Have you ever dreamt of creating a vaccines?

Do you wanna feel the true Russian spirit?

So do you know what we are gonna do? Let’s viRUS it!

This course is an amazing opportunity to dive into microscopic world and to meet cultural capital of mother Russia at the same time!

During the unforgettable ten days in Saint Petersburg you will:

Explore how human organism reacts on viruses attacks on the molecular level

Learn new experimental methods of virology

Improve your laboratory skills

Understand that size matters in the molecular world

Be studying in the one of the best technical universities of Russia

Get inspired by calm and majestic atmosphere in the city of Russian emperors for a long time forward

Cook and eat delicious pelmeni and vareniki

Try to count all the bridges of Northern Venice

Understand why did Pushkin love this city so much

Know what cruiser Aurora have dreamt about

Meet lot of new awesome friends that have common interests in biology

Have plenty of fun

Isn’t that exciting? So, what are you waiting for? Apply for this life-changing experience and don’t forget to take warm clothes, a lot of positive energy and a good mood!

We already starts counting the days and we just can’t wait to meet all of you in April!

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After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator,, in order to check if the application was properly sent.