Wake up architects! We have a post-industrial area to redesign!

Wake up architects! We have a post-industrial area to redesign!

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LBG Gliwice (Poland)


15 July 2023 – 24 July 2023


50 euro

Post-industrial districts oftentimes seem like history – they appear neglected, abandoned, sometimes even scary. You’ve surely come across some of them at least once – perhaps you’ve even had a moment of reflection and wondered how could this empty, forgotten place possibly bustle with life sometime in the past? Our world is full of such locations: abandoned factories and crumbling ruins of post-industrial city districts. During our course, we will rediscover these places. This will be a wonderful opportunity to let your imagination run wild and find new functions for degraded spaces! Transform post-industrial areas with modern and ecological solutions while respecting tradition and history. Let the experts teach you the secrets of designing and transforming post-industrial areas. We cordially invite you to discover the architecture of Gliwice and other cities of the Silesian region. Additionally, we will present to you useful 3D modeling tricks and graphic programs thanks to which your project will make a fine addition to your portfolio.

Silesia is known for its distinctive culture and wide selection of traditional dishes such as pierogi, bigos, kluski śląskie, modra kapusta, żurek, and many more that are waiting for you to try. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about Silesian traditions and experience the region’s renowned hospitality. During the course, we have prepared many attractions for you.

Selection criteria for participants: Motivational letter and answers to the questions 

After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator, Dinu Lazar (dinulazar1209@gmail.com), in order to check if the application was properly sent.

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