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General Information

BEST season courses are organized by BEST subsidiaries in the form of mini-camps, with both academic and social activities. Everything is being thought in English.



This part will be attended by university professors in collaboration with the organizers. The program consists of lectures, laboratories, or various visits to locations closely related to the course theme. At the end of the course, an evaluation session will take place from which you will receive course accreditation.



After finishing classes do not be afraid that you’ll get bored! This is when the fun begins, the organizers will prepare you a lot of flourishing activities to help you connect your friends and stay with memorable memories! We won’t spoil you anything, you have to see it for yourself!



Why do our taxes differ from those on the BEST International? BEST is divided in different regions and, depending on the region, the fees charged can vary. For example, Cluj-Napoca pays only ⅖ of the maximum tax, posted on

So if:

  •  You like to travel and meet new people
  •  Want to experience a student life in a European city where you can learn many new
  •  You are a student of the Technical University and look for a way to get out of your comfort zone

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! You will have the change to live the European student life on a different level, making new friends and awesome memories.


If you are interested in all of these ideas, BEST Cluj-Napoca team can tell you more about them. We have prepared a list of tips and trick which could help you on you future trips and also another list of courses, competitions and events taking place in different cities across Europe. All you have to do is choose the place for your next adventure, write a motivational letter and the wait to be chosen.


 Good Luck!