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Game of Photons


Location:  Tampere, Finland
Dates:  27 October 2019 – 03 November 2019
Fee:  16.0€


During the course, you will have the chance to learn about photonics, a subfield of physics that has a plethora of interesting technological applications such as lasers and optical fibers. The academic content will teach you the basics of photonics and it will be produced by experts in the field. The photonics research in Tampere University is world-class and has produced multiple spin-off companies.

You will experience Finnish culture and meet true Finns, hear our weird language and try to learn it yourself, see our university and have loads of fun with other students from around Europe for a week here in Tampere. Did we already mention that we have saunas in Finland? There are so many of these hot, steamy rooms in our country that you could easily fit the entire population of Finland in the saunas at the same time. Be sure that there will be a possibility to experience the relaxing effect of saunas on the course!

Tampere is waiting for you!



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