Every breath you take: Air pollution in urban areas

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LBG Naples


5 Nov – 12 Nov 2022


16 euro

Nowadays, one of the biggest world issues is air pollution caused by urban areas and metropolises.

In Naples, everyday you can walk surrounded by unique natural wonders such as Mt. Vesuvius, the worldwide famous volcano, the splendid Gulf with its idyllic islands, and several natural parks.

These beauties are in part ruined by air pollution. The identification of the correct strategies and actions that must be undertaken to face this problem requires a deep technical understanding of the issue.

That’s why this course will focus on topics related to air pollution such as: monitoring and modeling at urban scale, vehicular and ship emissions, particle characterization and removal, portable sensors and pervasive monitoring.

In this course some of the main issues will be presented and discussed through room lectures, laboratory and on-field experiences with other students from all over Europe and alongside members from BEST Naples, who will guide you through the alleys of an ancient Mediterranean Capital rich with colors, millenary traditions and delicious food.

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