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Deep thought: principles and applications of EEG Brain-Machine Interfaces


Location: Milan, Italy
Dates: 02 May 2020 – 11 May 2020
Fee:  20.0€

Are you ready for a mind-blowing experience about the cutting edge of Neuroengineering in Italy’s fashion capital?

The technology of Electroencephalography (EEG) has gone farther than you might believe. It consists in several electrodes placed over your head, used by scientists to “read” your brain waves and your brain’s electrical activity. As up to now this tech is able to make quadriplegic move prosthetics with their mind, just like it can allow you to play some video games without any controller or even read your emotions.

In this Course you will be shown how the brain works from the basics, how can we decipher its activity using EEG + A.I. and what is possible to do nowadays by using the state of the state-of-the-art tech!

Come to one of the top tech universities in the world and explore the secrets of our body’s most mysterious organ. Get to know 20+ other students from all around Europe experiencing 10 days of great italian food, sightseeing and partying for a lifelong memory!

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