The Secret Life of Robotic Pets

The Secret Life of Robotic Pets

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LBG Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


09 July 2023 – 18 July 2023


50 euro

Have you ever thought about what your 4-legged friend would look like when transformed into a robot?

Are you fascinated by robots and want to know how you can create one at home from scratch?

If the answer to either of those questions is “YES!”, then apply for our BEST Course!

Surrounded by beautiful castles, forests, and vampires, the city of Cluj-Napoca invites you to discover its people and culture. Embark on your adventure and discover the heart of Transylvania.

During this trip, you’ll get an insight into how you can create a robotic pet by yourself – from the wires and components that it requires, all the way to designing it in 3D software and making it move with an Arduino microcontroller.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Selection criteria for participants: Motivational letter, answers to the questions and interest in the topic. 

After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator, Dinu Lazar (, in order to check if the application was properly sent.

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