Marketing Mastery in Brasov: A Dance under the Starry Night

Marketing Mastery in Brasov: A Dance under the Starry Night

Organized by

LBG Brasov (Romania)


10 July 2023 – 19 July 2023


50 euro

Have you ever considered starting your own business, but were unsure about how to begin? Or perhaps you were interested in learning how to invest your money effectively? If your objective is to establish a start-up that can revolutionize the global marketplace, you may have faced challenges such as determining the steps to reach that level of success.


If your answer is yes, then this course is designed specifically for you, providing all the necessary information to level up your entrepreneurship knowledge.


This course is a comprehensive program that will teach students various skills related to promoting and growing a start-up, as well as developing emotional intelligence and understanding consumer needs.


Our course will focus on practical strategies and tools for marketing, networking, and building a successful business, as well as techniques for having a better approach to the customer’s behavior and needs. Additionally, you can also learn about anticipating and solving problems that may be of concern before you establish the basis of your start-up


In addition to all of the above, you will have the opportunity to join in our social shenanigans, sharpen your English language skills, and embark on an epic adventure to the land of the legendary Dracula’s Castle.


So, pack your garlic and silver crosses, and get ready for a spooktacular time!

Selection criteria for participants: Based on the Motivational Letter and the answers to the Custom Questions. 

After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator, Dinu Lazar (, in order to check if the application was properly sent.

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