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A complete guide to chatbots


Location:  Chisinau (Moldova, Republic Of)
01 July 2020 – 09 July 2020
Fee:  18.0€

— Hey chatbot, what is this course about?

— Hi, User! It’s about me, the chatbot.

— Wow, coool! What else?

— You’ll study what I was made for, what’s inside my brain, where I live and much more.

— Sounds interesting, but not convincing.

— Indeed. That’s why you’ll do this and that, mumble bumble around…

— Thanks, awesome chatbot.

That’s the reality — chatbots are everywhere. From FAQ to philosophy, from cooking to taking impactful decisions in the business world, chatbots are aiding our activities on daily basis. Sometimes we aren’t even aware who we’re talking with — a human being or an AI-powered chatbot.

We are inviting you to Moldova to have an unforgettable experience! During this course, you’ll learn how they’re built, what components are implied and how to make it smarter than others. With a combination of theory and practical work, you’ll learn by doing chatbots. Learning, making new friends from all over Europe and having the best time together — that’s our recipe of perfect course!

No more wait, apply to our course, if you dare!

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