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5G wars: Revenge of the poor signal strength


Location: Riga – Latvia
Dates: 26 June 2020 – 04 July 2020
Fee:  18.0€

Join the adventure of our technological future. 5G is the 5th generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks that began wide deployment in 2019. It is a very new field in the telecommunication service industry. This course will try to explain the basics of the internet as well as the functional part of radio waves and 5G – things that have made the life we live now possible.

You will have the amazing opportunity to experience unforgettable parties in the Old Town of Riga and meet new, like-minded people from various study backgrounds and countries. Experience the new wave of fun, friendships and adventures with the 5G waves in Riga and all around the world while trying to make sense of the science of it all!

If you are just as excited as we are – apply now and join the adventure! We will guarantee that you will have the BEST time here with our team and other amazing people.

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