3Dinner: How it's Made

Organized by

LBG Kaunas


02 Oct – 09 Oct 2022


16 euro

Have you ever thought about inventing your own food? Or getting a glimpse of what the laboratory of a food scientist looks like? Now you have the greatest opportunity to do so and even more!

During the 8-day course in Kaunas you will learn how food can be created with a 3D printer, get to know the basics of 3D food printing and food structure design. You will develop skills in technology for new higher value product development. You will understand why 3D food printing is considered a groundbreaking technology, the scale of its potential and develop a food product that can have a positive effect on human health and well-being.

You will also exchange your ideas with international students from all across Europe in the European Capital of Culture!

After you sent your application please contact the project coordinator, Diana Dulgheriu(dianadulgheriu19@gmail.com), in order to check if the application was properly sent.